Michael Liu Michael Liu

Michael Liu,  CEO & Founder of Uxdesk
Michael Liu, Ph.D. in Psychology & M.S. in Computer Science. In past 9 years working in Hewlett-Packard company, Michael built and managed China User Experience teams in 3 divisions: Inkjet printing for consumers, LaserJet printing for business, and business solution for Enterprise Service.
Now as the founder of uxBigData.com, Michael focuses on innovation with the convergent thinking of business, technology and design. Michael is active in cross-domains of Engineering/Design Psychology, User Experience, Human-Machine Interaction, Eye movement, and Multi-Media applications.

uxdeskIn era of Big Data, the key for business success is to obtain valid data. Everyone is talking about the importance of User Experience(UX). What is User Experience Data? What UX Data does a business need? How to obtain and use UX Data in accurate, rapid, convenient and affordable way?uxBigData.com helps business to collect, manage, evaluate their UX Data in turn to support make business decision.

For more information about Uxdesk please visit www.uxbigdata.com

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